Dr. LaReau Treats Ironman World Championship Competitor

I am a 27 time Ironman finisher. Ironman is a triathlon in which you swim 2.4 miles in the water, cycle 112 miles and then run a marathon 26.2 miles. I have completed the Ironman World Championships 6 times and placed 7th in the world 2 times and 3rd American 3 times.

This summer as I was beginning to prepare for my return to Kona for 2019 Ironman World Championships. Something happened that I had never experienced before. I was running and out of nowhere I felt a searing pain from the inside – out through my hip. After what felt like a searing burn I could not take one more step. I was freaked out. At first I tried to ignore it and work through it but, I quickly realized that it might be serious.

This is where Dr. Justin LaReau comes into play. He shares an understanding and passion for triathlon as well. The part of his care that I found the best was he was completely accessible and was making it clear he would do anything to help. He got he right tests done immediately. Once he had all the results he was very calm and did not cause any unnecessary stress. He has a super calming effect, he handles the situation by keeping the care a priority.

On October 12, 2019 I finished the Ironman World Championships.

I am thankful for his encouragement. He had me do what was obtainable and what would foster the healing.

In closing, I have referred several people to Dr. LaReau and every person has the same experience he is accessible, diligent, calm and incredibly good at his craft.