It’s difficult to find the word to express my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Justin LaReau and his staff.  I had been in pain for over ten years with both knees, had knee replacement five years ago that failed and brought me even worse pain.  I came to Hinsdale Orthopaedics after a recommendation and met with Dr. LaReau.  He felt he could help me.  After Dr. LaReau performed revision surgery I have been pain free, so much so that I had him replace my other knee after only eights months.  I am now walking without the aid of a walker or cane and am looking forward to an active life again.  Dr.LaReau’s skill, reassurance and guidance has gotten me through a rough time.  He is very caring, compassionate doctor and has always taken a lot of time in helping me throughout my surgeries and recovery.  He has another accolade – the human factor.  I feel as though my family and I have a dear friend.  It is a privilege to know him.

59 Year Old Female Right Total Knee Arthroscopy and Left Total Knee Arthoplasty Revision

What do you do when you are told your 16 year old daughter has hip dysplasia and needs major reconstructive surgery to fix the problem?  You do what any good parent does and find the top surgeon in the field to perform the procedure. You ask the best surgeons available, who is the most qualified and when the same name comes up again and again, you know you have found the right one. If you are reading this you have found that there are only a handful of specialized doctors in the nation that perform this surgery.  With his knowledge, experience, skills and numerous recommendations from other doctors, Dr. LaReau is the top in his field.

Dr. LaReau is committed to giving his patients the same chance at the best quality of life they can have.  He wanted Caitlyn to be able to do everything a normal 16 year old should be able to do.  Go to a dance, drive a car, and walk without pain.  Because of his skill and experience he was about to give that gift to our daughter.  The best words we ever heard were when Dr. LaReau said to us that he could do this surgery for Caitlyn.

Not only is Dr. LaReau a fantastic surgeon, but he also has a passion for his patient that is unparallel to any doctor I have met in a long time.  From the first moment Dr. LaReau introduced himself to our daughter, he showed tremendous care and consideration for Caitlyn.  He gave her as much information about the surgery she would face as he could and showed her how this would be accomplished with models and previous surgical pictures so that she could visually understand what he was telling her.  He spent as much time with her and us to answer all of our questions.  Trust me there where many.  Dr. LaReau also took time to address Caitlyn’s and our fears and anxieties over having this surgery.  This was a lot to face as a 16 year old girl and Dr. LaReau treated Caitlyn as if she was his own daughter through every aspect.  What more could a parent ask for!

Dr. LaReau has been an amazing blessing for our family and it has been our honor to be able to know him.  There are no words to thank him for everything he has given to our family, especially Caitlyn.

16 Year Old Female with Hip Dysplasia

Being told that you need to have a major surgery is not what I wanted to ever hear in my lifetime.  Being told that the top surgeon in Wisconsin couldn’t do the procedure just added to my anxiety.  I was nervous about having the surgery, about what would follow and about meeting Dr. LaReau.  I am a shy person and the idea of a complete stranger operating on me was a very scary thing. In reality Dr. LaReau made me feel comfortable from the first time I  met him.  I will never forget that first day I met him and he shook my hand before my parents.  At any of my appointments he would address me personally.  He made sure that I knew what to expect, how the surgery worked and answered every question I asked.  His major concern, I felt, was making sure I was comfortable about the surgery.  Naturally I wasn’t completely okay with having this operation but after the first appointment I was comfortable with Dr. LaReau.

I was also comfortable with Dr. LaReau because he was genuinely concerned about me.  I remembered one day that he came to see me in the hospital on his day off to make sure I was doing okay.  He treated me like I was his own child.  Even the people surrounding Dr. LaReau were amazing which was important to me because they were also taking care of me.

I think this whole experience would have been different if Dr. LaReau was not my surgeon.  He made the experience the best that it could have been.  Even now that I have my screws out I’m still comfortable on asking him questions.  I really don’t know how to express how wonderful a person Dr. LaReau is.  All I can say is that I’m glad that the top surgeon in Wisconsin couldn’t do it.  Otherwise I would have never had this positive experience with Dr. LaReau.

17 Year Old Female Right Hip Periacetabular Osteotomy

Hello, my name is James C.  I had a horrific accident in 2011 and I was told that I would never walk again.  As part of my injuries my right leg was bonded straight.  I had an evaluation with Dr. LaReau about correcting this issue.  A decision was made to install a “Hinge Knee”.  The procedure went fantastic!  Within weeks after the procedure I was walking again and I was told by other surgeons that I would never walk again.  Dr. LaReau and Gretchen are fantastic to deal with! They are prompt, they educate you, and they truly care about peoples well being!  All of the staff at Hinsdale Orthopaedics are fantastic!  Thanks for giving me the opportunities that you did!!

33 Year Old Male Right Total Knee Arthroplasty

“Dr. LaReau was the fifth Chicago-area orthopaedic surgeon I consulted about my hip pain which was caused by hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. His demeanor and confidence immediately put me at ease. He and his assistant intently listened to my story and concerns. He took the time to answer all of my questions and personally called me in response to some additional questions I emailed to his assistant. I didn’t consult with any more surgeons after meeting with Dr. LaReau; I knew that he was the one I wanted to do my hip replacements. Dealing with the pain, making the tough decision to get my hips replaced at what is considered a relatively young age, taking time away from my family and work to have the surgery, going through recovery and physical therapy, etc. was so hard! Dr. LaReau and his staff were professional and considerate in their care; and they made a very difficult time in my life go as best as could possibly be expected. I have my life back! I’m actively playing with my little girls and enjoying life again. Thank you, Dr. LaReau!”

39 Year Old Female Right and Left Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty