Pain-free knees help a retiree enjoy life

Carol Wake did all she could to manage the pain in her right knee. Weeks of physical therapy, using an analgesic gel and a cane provided some relief, but only temporarily. Eventually, she and her doctor agreed that a total knee replacement would give her the best chance to be active without pain. A fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and Co-Medical Director at the AMITA Health Center for Advanced Joint Replacement La Grange, Justin LaReau, MD, was perfectly suited for the task. “Dr. LaReau was very calm and didn’t rush me into making a decision. But when other efforts weren’t working out for me, we both knew it was time for surgery.” Click here to read Carol’s full story.

Carol's Story - Total Knee Replacement

It has been one day past a week since my total hip replacement procedure. My present condition has–from my perspective–far exceeded expectations. I share with you my perspectives regarding why this outcome has been achieved. These, of course, are personal views which you all may interpret differently.

1) Caring and expert medical professionals
An outstanding orthopedist supported by equally talented team members

2) Seamless care delivery
Starting with the decision to proceed with the procedure, to guidance with pre-op requirements and coordination with other ‘network’ providers (hospital and PT)

3) Thorough guidance in the process
Clarity regarding pre-op exercises and requirements, protocols and post-op ‘routines’

4) Responsiveness
A routinely quick and complete answer to questions–whether related to pre-op needs or post-op care

THANK YOU! I will gladly provide testimony regarding your care and professionalism! And please share these observations with all appropriate team members.

Bob Becker

At age 70, after habitually walking four or more miles each day for many years, I experienced such severe difficulty in mobility that I had to rely on a cane and eventually a walker for even limited room to room movements.

Dr. LaReau was highly recommended to me by a teacher colleague of my wife, based on the success Dr. LaReau demonstrated in restoring the full mobility of that colleague’s 87-year-old mother.

It is now two weeks since Dr. LaReau completed the second of my two hip replacement surgeries and I am walking several blocks twice each day without the need for either a walker or a cane.

My wife is very happy to be freed from her role as home care-giver and is sincerely grateful to Dr. LaReau for giving me my life back. We can take long walks together again.”

Also, our sincere gratitude to the members of Dr. LaReau’s supporting staff, all of whom we found to be highly competent, always responsive, and ever courteous!

Mike and Judy Carroll, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

My name is Josie and I would like to tell everyone how great Dr. LaReau is.  When I went to see Dr. LaReau I was in a lot of pain with both of my knees.  Dr. LaReau recommended knee replacements.  At that time I cried, Dr. LaReau had so much compassion and understanding.  He explained very carefully how replacements look and work.  It has been almost two years and I had both my knees completed three months apart.  They are straight, I am experiencing no pain and I am back to doing things I enjoy.  I also do even more activities than before.  Thanks to Dr. LaReau.  Josephine M.

67 Year Old Right and Left Total Knee Arthroplasty

I sure made the right decision in choosing Dr. LaReau for my total hip replacement.  No pain – the experience went so well I can’t believe it – I’m doing great!!  Thank you.  Bunny J.

70 Year Old Left Anterior Total Hip Arthoplasty

To all of you considering  Total hip replacement surgery:

My hip replacement surgery by Dr. Justin LaReau on Sept. 26, 2012 was unbelievable.  Having had my right hip replaced 18 years ago, I expected the left hip to involve days in the hospital and a painful recovery.

With Dr. LaReau’s skilled hands, using the anterior approach, I was on my feet that day with virtually no pain and spent one night in the hospital.  I was walking the next day and needed minimal physical therapy.  Dr. LaReau and his staff were excellent in all regards.

71 Year Old Male Left Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty

I am so pleased to have met Dr LaReau. He has given me my life back. I had been in such pain and unable to walk unassisted for at least a couple of years because a prior knee replacement loosened and broke due to a series of issues. I now have my new knee and it is an amazing piece of equipment.  Though still working on rehab, I’m able to walk pain free and virtually unassisted.  I will be able to walk up and down stairs properly for the first time in 10 years. My progress is amazing to me after only 6 weeks. I look forward to finally doing things again that I quit doing because of the pain and walking aids.

Dr LaReau is five-star surgeon in my opinion and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has given up hope of ever walking properly again.”

Thank you.  Pat D.

56 Year Old Left Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty

Dr. LaReau gave my life back to me when he performed the surgery to partially replace my knee.  Before the surgery, it was difficult for me to walk any distance without severe pain.  Now, thanks to Dr. LaReau, I am living my life normally once again.  From my first visit to his office to my postoperative visits, he and his staff have been wonderful.  They have been there to answer any questions and offer their support through the whole process and I can’t thank them enough.

68 Year Old Female Unicompartmental Arthroplasty Of The Right Knee

I thank Dr. LaReau for giving me a few more years of pain free living.  My surgery took 4 1/2 hrs. and he was still smiling when he told my wife and daughter that everything went well.  After 2 months of physical therapy–I was able to walk a mile.  Arthur W.

85 Year Old Male Left Total Knee Revision

Early in 2011 I realized that the pain in my left hip was not going to go away if I didn’t get some professional  help.  I had been trying to cope with a hip that was progressively causing more problems for about 2 years, and nothing I tried on my own seemed to help.  I finally told my primary care doctor about the pain and he suggested that I see Dr Justin LaReau with Hinsdale Orthopedics to see what was wrong.  An exam and a couple of  xrays showed that I had lost the cushion in the hip joint.  I would need to have a hip replacement to correct the problem.  Dr LaReau explained that he used a new procedure called the anterior approach to the surgery which was a  less invasive procedure.  The incision would be made in the upper front of the hip with  less tissue being cut.  This would allow for a more speedy and easier recovery, as less tissue would need to heal.  It also allowed the hip tissue to support the implant better allowing for fewer dislocations of the implant.  During our conversation I remember thinking that’s fine for you to say, but I’m the one who will be having the surgery and will be out of commission during rehab.  However I knew that I had to do something to correct the problem and agreed to have the surgery.  During the pre surgery testing phase Dr LaReau’s staff were extremely effective in helping me build a positive mental attitude  for the surgery.  I even found myself watching several short movie clips about the surgery on the internet.

The surgery was performed in the morning of March 25, 2011.  The procedure took about 3 hours.  Shortly after getting in my room the nurses had me take a few steps with a walker.  I was extremely surprised when I put my full weight on the leg how little pain I had even with an incision.  I thought to myself I think I can really do this.   The following day I continued to be pleasantly surprised by how good I felt.  I was asked to go for a few more  supervised walks with the walker,  each time extending the distance.  About noon I was able to negotiate a flight of about 8 steps up and down using the railing for support.  By 2pm, about 29 hours after surgery, I was released to go home.  For my home rehab Dr, LaReau told me to use the  daily exercises in the hospital manual and WALK…if I felt I wanted more therapy, walk some more.  When we got home my son-in-law needed to pick up some things so I went to the store with him..no walker.  The next day I went to church without the walker, and Monday I took a long walk with the walker, 12 times down and back on our  200′ driveway.  My daily routine was 50-75 marching steps / abductions / squats, and most days two 3/8 mile walks.   By the middle of June I was trout fishing with my grandson at a lake in Colorado.

A year later I had to go for consultation with Dr LaReau  for an all too familiar pain in my right hip.  I had lost the cushion in that hip as well.  I had surgery in the right hip on April 6, 2012.  The results of this surgery were pretty much identical to those of the first.  However, this time Dr LaReau assigned home therapy…think to save me from myself.  However, my routine at home was pretty much the same as the first surgery.  When I saw how much therapy I was given in therapy I completed the extra reps later.

It’s been almost 2 years since the first surgery, and almost a year since the second.  I have had no problems, or complications with the implants.  Since I can take the grandkids to do the things we like to do without any pain, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experiences.

If you are you are trying to determine whether to have an anterior hip replacement, or select a surgeon to perform the procedure,  and are considering Dr. Justin LaReau, I would highly recommend him and his staff.  They were able to provide me with the surgical talent, as well as emotional support to make my surgeries as easy to handle as possible.  Second, I hope this can provide as much peace of mind as possible to those anticipating having to undergo this procedure.  It is surgery, yes, but with a good surgeon, and positive mental attitude it can be a rewarding experience.

68 Year Old Male Left & Right Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty