Posterior Hip Precautions

Posterior Hip Precautions

After Posterior Approach Hip Replacement

These precautions are designed to keep your operative hip in the safest positions possible. They are not designed to intimidate or significantly restrict you. However, these small changes will help you avoid unsafe positions that may lead to dislocation of your hip replacement.

 Avoid deep bending or deep squatting

  1. Do not flex or bend your hip beyond 90*
  2. Do not cross your legs
  3. Do not internally rotate (pigeon toe) your foot
  4. Sleep with a pillow between your legs for at least 3 months after surgery.
  5. When sitting down or arising from a seat, always use a chair with armrests:

Use the armrests to stabilize your weight and let your operative lower extremity stay straight as you decline and rise.

  1. When picking items up off of the floor, stand on your non-operative lower extremity and let your operative lower extremity drift behind you, staying near straight to avoid deep bending.
  2. Avoid bending over to tie your shoes. It may be helpful to have someone assist you with this, or use an assisted device such as a shoehorn.





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