Do injections help? When are they used?

We often use injections in the diagnosis and treatment of hip disorders. A diagnostic injection places medication with in the hip joint. If this injection causes a significant decrease in your pain, this verifies that the problem is within the hip joint. Diagnostic injections are given before surgery to confirm a diagnosis.

Injections may also be therapeutic; that is, they help to treat the disease. This is especially helpful when inflammation is a key factor in your hip pain. We can give an injection into the trochanteric bursa or around an inflamed iliopsoas tendon to significantly reduce pain.

Because the hip is buried under several layers of muscle, hip injections are given by the radiologist with the help of x-ray, not in the office. This ensures accurate placement of the medication. Most injections involve a combination of two medications: an anesthetic (numbing medication) and a strong anti-inflammatory (similar to cortisone).

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